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NFL Draft results: Cardinals draft Tyrann Mathieu, Seahawks draft Christine Michael

The NFC West continues to improve with solid drafts. The NFC West is quickly turning into one of the best divisions in the NFL.

Chris Graythen

The NFC West took a big step forward last year, with the San Francisco 49ers and Seattle Seahawks developing a strong rivalry. This offseason saw the two teams taking more steps in a bit of an arms race. Now, the NFL Draft is giving the rest of the NFC West opportunities to catch up.

A few minutes ago, the Arizona Cardinals selected cornerback Tyrann Mathieu. Given the Rams addition of Tavon Austin, this should make for a pair of fun battles when the Cardinals and Rams meet up. Mathieu is a talented cornerback, and a lot of 49ers fans wanted him to add in as a slot receiver. He will get his opportunity in Arizona, but one has to wonder how a year off will affect him. I don't think that has been discussed nearly enough.

The Seattle Seahawks made their first pick of the draft, selecting running back Christine Michael in the second round. That's a bit of an interesting pick, given their depth at running back. Of course, the 49ers loaded up at running back, so maybe the Seahawks are following their lead on that.

The Rams got in their third round pick, drafting safety T.J. McDonald. He is the son of former 49ers safety Tim McDonald. Matt Maiocco made a funny point on Twitter. Tim McDonald was the person who coined the phrase "same old sorry Rams". Gotta love it!