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NFL Draft results: 49ers trade up with Packers, draft Corey Lemonier

The 49ers traded up AGAIN, acquiring the Packers third round pick and drafting defensive end Corey Lemonier.

Kevin C. Cox

The San Francisco 49ers have apparently decided their lack of pass rush late in the season really was an issue. The 49ers moved up five spots, swapping spots with the Green Bay Packers, and drafted defensive end/outside linebacker Corey Lemonier out of Auburn. The 49ers were able to move up with the Titans pick they acquired earlier in the second round.

Lemonier is listed as a defensive end, but at 255 pounds, I'd imagine he is looking at a career standing up at this point. A lot of media blamed the 49ers defensive struggles on the secondary, but even with some secondary inconsistencies, I contend the bigger problem was inconsistency in the pass rush. The 49ers did not have much of a rotation and they are rectifying that today.

I find it interesting that the 49ers dealt all four of their day one and two picks. I believe I set the over/under at 4.5 and the 49ers are on pace to blow well past that.

There has been confusion at times about some of the 49ers picks, so here are their remaining picks with day two coming to an end:

(4) 128. Own pick
(4) 131. Comp pick
(5) 157. Indianapolis Colts pick
(6) 180. Miami Dolphins pick
(7) 237. Own pick
(7) 246. Comp pick
(7) 252. Comp pick