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2013 NFL Draft: Time, TV schedule, live streaming, 49ers picks for Saturday's Rounds 4 through 7

Day three of the 2013 NFL Draft gets going bright and early this morning. Here is a quick look at pertinent television information, as well as how to watch online, and what picks the 49ers hold in rounds four through seven.

Al Bello

The 2013 NFL Draft enters its final day, which has become the time when the die hards remain focused. Day three features rounds four through seven. We get more and more "huh?" picks, but sometimes these are the guys that come out of nowhere to become contributors (See Miller, Bruce).

The 49ers head into the final day having made some serious noise through the first two rounds, and holding enough picks to make noise on day three. Round four kicks at 9:00 a.m. PT from Radio City Music Hall. The NFL allows five minutes per pick for each of the remaining rounds. Although the timing is limited, we're still looking at a length day of drafting. I barely remember how I made it through two days of this, as opposed to spread out over three.


ESPN and NFL Network will once again provide television coverage. There's nothing quite like seeing Mike Mayock and Mel Kiper rattle off information about some random guy that nobody knows but his mother. That's the highlight of day three!


If you do not have television access during the draft, will be live-streaming the day's festivities. I was incorrect yesterday, as did not live stream day two. was a very solid option.

Also, remember that will NOT have live camera in their war room.


The 49ers have been maneuvering every which way, so the picks below are unlikely to be the full set the 49ers select by day's end. They cannot trade their three comp picks (bold), but the other four are fair game. I have to think we see at least two more trades. The 49ers moved every one of their five picks in some form or fashion during the first two days. Maybe they'll move a few more.

(4) 128. Own pick
(4) 131. Comp pick
(5) 157. Indianapolis Colts pick
(6) 180. Miami Dolphins pick
(7) 237. Own pick
(7) 246. Comp pick
(7) 252. Comp pick