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2013 NFL Draft Day Two: NFC West Edition

We take a look at the NFC West after the draft's second day.

Kevin C. Cox

Just like we did after day one, let's take a look at what our NFC West opponents did yesterday in anticipation of the end of the draft. Unlike last time, I am going to have to keep the commentary to a minimum, since I don't know a lot of these prospects. So, Ladies and Gents, you will be getting just the facts today.

Arizona Cardinals:

The Cardinals had a quiet day, making their picks almost straight up. They did trade the 38th pick to the Sand Diego Chargers, picking up the 45th pick and the 110th pick (fourth round). With the 45th pick, the Cardinals took LB Kevin Minter from LSU. They followed this LSU pick with another in DB Tyrann Mathieu. While his talent and character issues are both well-attested, I think this pick is seen as a bit of a risk.

Seattle Seahawks:

The Seahawks also moved back (after the 49ers jumped right in front of them, suckas!), making their first pick this draft with the 62nd pick. They accrued this spot from the Bills, along with the 165th pick (fifth round) and the 199th pick (sixth round), for their original 56th pick. At 62, the Seahawks picked Christine Michael, RB from Texas A&M. With the 87th pick, the Seahawks drafted Jordan Hill, DT Penn State.

St. Louis Rams:

The Rams didn't bother with any trades, instead making two selections with their two picks. At 71, the Rams drafted TJ McDonald, DB USC. They then followed up that pick with Stedman Bailey, WR from West Virginia, with the 92nd pick.