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2013 NFL Draft open thread, Day 3: Settle in for the grind

We've got our first open thread for day three of the 2013 NFL Draft. What will the 49ers do with the seven picks they hold today?

Al Bello

The NFL Draft is technically still not even halfway done, but we enter the third and final day with rounds four through seven coming up. Day three is for the hard core fans, and for the 49ers, it is an opportunity to find some slipping talent, and maybe even add some picks in 2014.

The 49ers filled their primary needs on Thursday and Friday, opening the door for some creativity over the next eight hours. The 49ers can move up and down if they want, but they also can add some picks in 2014. While they did not land a 2014 first round pick, they have added a third. I imagine they'll add another late round pick today, which gives them more ammunition to be flexible next year as well. Here are their picks today (bold picks can't be traded):

(4) 128. Own pick
(4) 131. Comp pick
(5) 157. Indianapolis Colts pick
(6) 180. Miami Dolphins pick
(7) 237. Own pick
(7) 246. Comp pick
(7) 252. Comp pick

ESPN and NFL Network will once again be broadcasting the draft, with streaming it as well. We'll be here with you for the next eight or so hours covering the 49ers remaining seven picks. Undrafted free agency gets going immediately after the draft, so we'll make sure and get an open thread up for discussion of rumors. Bay Area players are usually the first to sign, so we'll see what the evening brings.