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Join Joe Staley at Candlestick Park for Electric Run

Joe Staley is taking part in a charity 5K that sounds like a lot of fun. Here are some details on the race.

While we are focused in on the 2013 NFL Draft, there is plenty more going on in the world. Even in the 49ers world. Late tonight, 49ers offensive tackle Joe Staley will be at Candlestick Park hosting a 5k race called Electric Run. The event is a charity race, raising money for Smile Train.

Smile Train is the world's largest cleft palate charity. Their mission is to give any child born with a cleft anywhere in the world a chance to live a full productive life. They were founded in 1999, and since then they have provided over 865,000 free cleft palate surgeries. They approached Joe about being the host of this race, and as a guy who sometimes seems like a big kid, it is a perfect fit.

The race is happening tonight at 8:20 p.m., so the NFL Draft will be long since over (wrapping up around 5 p.m.). The race starts on the edge of Candlestick Park, includes a run on Jamestown Avenue, takes you through Bill Walsh Field, and then wraps up just outside the Park. There are not many spots left, so if you want to check it out tonight, register now.

This is not your normal 5k. The race is at night and features all sorts of lights. Here is how the race is described:

A 5k run/walk that is as much show as it is run.

Electric RunTM is a 5k run, a show, participation art, and celebration of life. Incredibly talented artists and lighting technicians with experience creating beautiful art and light at Coachella, Dreamworks Animations, Disney, and some of Vegas' hottest shows have come together to create a world that will fill you with wonder.

Participation Art / What to wear
The Electric Run is a show; the course is the set and the participants are the cast! Come let your light shine and your creative juices flow. Add your own creative spark by dressing up in other-worldy costumes that glow, shine, blink, and dazzle. Show us all what you've got!

Lighting elementsEach course will have 5-10 distinct lighting experiences which will include different artistic elements and different moods. Some will be very energetic others will be more etherial. Our in-house DJs will be working with our Art and Lighting Directors to create custom mixes that work with the visual mood in each world.

Here is some video from past races. It looks like a pretty crazy race.