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49ers draft picks: Team selects Nick Moody, LB, Florida State in sixth round

The San Francisco 49ers continued focusing on defense in the 2013 NFL Draft, as they used their sixth round pick on Florida State linebacker Nick Moody.


The San Francisco 49ers decided once again to hold steady with their sixth round pick, drafting Florida State linebacker Nick Moody. The 49ers originally acquired this pick from the Miami Dolphins during last year's draft. Moody stands 6'1'', 236 pounds, and converted from safety to linebacker this past season.

He is undersized for a linebacker, so it seems like outside of special teams work, the 49ers will look at him as a guy to switch back to safety. The Scouts Inc scouting report likes his instincts and discipline, but due to his size, Moody's tackling as a linebacker can leave a little something to be desired. A big issue for him in college was the injury bug. According to Scouts Inc, Moody has tendonitis in his right knee, and has dealt with groin and shoulder injuries the last few years.

The 49ers have three picks remaining, all in the seventh round. They could conceivably decide to move back into the sixth round, but I would imagine they are finished with the sixth round. The team has to make at least two picks, as two of their three seventh round picks are compensatory selections, which cannot be traded.