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2013 NFL Draft results: Complete list of 49ers draft picks

We've got a full rundown of the 49ers 2013 NFL Draft class. Undrafted free agency is officially underway, so the 49ers rookie class will grow, but here are this year's draft picks.


The 2013 NFL Draft is officially a wrap! The San Francisco 49ers entered the week with 13 draft picks, and they came away with 11 players. I have to admit, I was a bit surprised they did not trade for more 2014 picks. Of course, it takes two to tango, so if the trading partners were not willing to give up future picks, you can't make the deals. And if you find guys you think can contribute, or at least encourage a high level of competition, so be it.

Here is a rundown of the 49ers entire 2013 NFL Draft class:

1(18). Eric Reid, Safety, LSU
2(40). Cornellius "Tank" Carradine, Defensive End, Florida State
2(55). Vance McDonald, Tight End, Rice
3(88). Corey Lemonier, Outside Linebacker, Auburn
4(128). Quinton Patton, Wide Receiver, Louisiana Tech
4(131). Marcus Lattimore, Running Back, South Carolina
5(157). Quinton Dial, Defensive Lineman, Alabama
6(180). Nick Moody, Linebacker, Florida State
7(237). B.J. Daniels, Quarterback, South Florida
7(246). Carter Bykowski, Offensive Tackle, Iowa State
7(252). Marcus Cooper, Defensive Back, Rutgers

We'll have plenty of analysis and background information on the 49ers entire draft class in the coming days. Of course, this does not complete the 49ers "rookie" class. The team now heads into the always-entertaining waters of undrafted free agency to see which undrafted rookies they can add to the roster.

We'll be tracking the UDFA rumors, which will flow fast and furious today, tomorrow and beyond. There will be some incorrect information out there in part because things happen so fast. Player X will get an offer from one team, but could change his mind at the last minute because a situation offering more playing time opens up.

Feel free to start discussing UDFAs in here, but I'll have a new post in a bit with some names we can keep an eye out for over the coming hours and days.