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49ers draft pick Quinton Patton meets with media

The 49ers added an intriguing wide receiver prospect in Quinton Patton. The Louisiana Tech product will get a chance to compete with a sizable wide receiver corps.


The San Francisco 49ers did some solid work adding offensive weapons on Saturday, as they used the fourth round to add wide receiver Quinton Patton and running back Marcus Lattimore.

While there is a good chance Lattimore could spend the season on the PUP list, Patton will get a chance to compete at wide receiver right away. The 49ers have a fairly full wide receiver corps, but after Michael Crabtree and Anquan Boldin, playing time is very much up in the air. The 49ers drafted A.J. Jenkins last year, but after Crabtree and Boldin, nobody's job is safe.

Patton had a chance to chat with the media earlier today, and he spent some time talking about his blocking. He mentioned that trait as a strong suit, including his ability to block further down the field as needed. In Crabtree and Boldin, the 49ers have two great blocking wide receivers. Crabtree and Boldin both stand 6'1'', and over 210 pounds. Patton measures in at 6'0'' and 204 pounds. While not as big as those two, that still moves him right in behind them. It should make for serious entertainment in the run game.

Are you looking forward to coming out and seeing your new team?

"Yes, sir. I can't wait to be there."

Can you try to describe for us, people who are unfamiliar with you, who you are and what your strong suits are? How you play?

"Quinton Patton, Louisiana Tech, fast, strong [inaudible], a blocker, able to block 60 yards downfield [inaudible]. Just an ultimate team player. Ultimate competitor out there on the field."

What kind of returns experience do you have, doing punt returns and kick returns?

"I have a little bit of experience with kickoff returns. I've done some in the past."

Do you feel comfortable in punt returns? The 49ers lost their punt returner in free agency and they might need somebody to come in and do that. Would that be something you feel you can come in and do?

"I'm open to whatever they need me to do. I'm trying to make an immediate impact on my team in the best way I can. It doesn't matter what it is, we'll just do it."

Did you have much contact with the 49ers before the draft?

"Yeah, I'd say I had limited amount of contact with everybody and everything. But, it's just the draft process and everything. So, I understood."

Didn't you have dinner with an assistant coach before your pro day?

"Yes, I did. We went to hibachi and it was great."

Was that John Morton, the 49ers wide receivers coach?

"Yes, sir."

How would you describe the offense you played in at Louisiana Tech?

"Some people would say it was a spread offense. Get the ball out quick and watch us go. Up tempo, no huddle. As many plays as possible as we can get."

What do you know about the 49ers and their wide receivers situation?

"I just know [WR] Michael Crabtree. I know about [WR] Anquan Boldin. And I don't know if [WR] Randy [Moss] is still there. And that's it. And I guess me now."

What do you think about the prospect of learning from somebody like Anquan Boldin?

"I'm probably put in the perfect position that I am right now, to learn somebody that's older, is wise and that knows how to play the position."

Do you feel like you need to get stronger at the NFL level? Is that one area of your game that you want to improve?

"Yes, sir. That's definitely an area I need to improve, in the weight room, ,so I can be out there for three downs and not just one."

Your last game was in San Jose, California. Do you like the South Bay already? Since you're familiar with the area?

"Yes, sir. [Inaudible]. But, I love it. So, I'm back out there."

You seem obviously pretty fired up. But, you were viewed as maybe a higher selection. Is there any disappointment about slipping to the fourth round?

"No disappointment, just happy to hear my name called."

Did you watch much of the 49ers last season? Or were you able to catch on to QB Colin Kaepernick bursting onto the scene?

"Yes, sir. I got to catch some of the games, the regional games down there in Louisiana and everything. But, yeah I caught some of the games. [Inaudible]."

What were your impressions of Kaepernick as a quarterback?

"He's a leader. He's a feisty leader. He does all the things just to get ahead, no matter what it is. He comes from the MAC [inaudible]."

Where are you right now? What town in Louisiana?

"I'm not in Louisiana. I'm in Tennessee right now."

What city?

"I'm in Smyrna, Tennessee right now."

Is that your hometown?

"No, my hometown is Nashville, Tennessee. But, my mom got an apartment up here in Smyrna. She just moved here. So, that's where I am right now."