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49ers Draft results: 49ers select QB B.J. Daniels in seventh round

The San Francisco 49ers used the first of their three 7th round picks to select QB B.J. Daniels out of South Florida. How will the 49ers use the athletic QB?


The 49ers are getting close to wrapping up their 2013 NFL Draft class. The team used the first of their three 7th round draft picks to select University of South Florida quarterback B.J. Daniels. Apparently the team is intent on selecting players from schools based entirely in the South.

According to this Tampa Tribune article, Daniels has gotten positive feedback as a quarterback, but as is often the case, teams sometimes prefer to move around "athletic" quarterbacks. At his Pro Day, he completed QB drills, but was also asked to backpedal and catch passes.

Of course, given the 49ers current offensive philosophy, Daniels makes some manner of sense at quarterback. He won't be taking Kap's job anytime soon, and really one has to wonder how he would fair against Colt McCoy and Scott Tolzien. He seems to have strong athleticism, but NFL success takes more than just that. We'll see how the 49ers play this out.