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Undrafted free agents 2013: Lawrence Okoye announces plans to sign with 49ers

The 49ers may have made a high profile splash, as aspiring defensive lineman Lawrence Okoye has indicated he plans on signing with the 49ers.

Tom Dulat

The 2013 NFL Draft is a wrap, and the 49ers appear to already be getting things done in undrafted free agency. Anybody not drafted is immediately eligible to sign with any team as soon as the draft ends. We're tracking the UDFA signings HERE, but I wanted to pull this first piece of news out due to its rather notable nature.

We had some discussion about Okoye a couple weeks ago when word spread that he was going to visit with the 49ers. Okoye brings a very unique story to the NFL. He is a British Olympian discus thrower, who earned a bid at the 2012 London Olympics. Before that, Okoye was a rugby player who eventually just decided to take up discus throwing.

Oh, and Okoye has never played American football before.

Okoye made an appearance at a regional combine, and impressed people enough to earn a spot at the Super Regional Combine in Dallas. The 49ers are obviously impressed enough to take a flyer on him. The 49ers need depth along the defensive line, which they addressed frequently in the 2013 NFL Draft. Nobody can really say with much accuracy the probability for Okoye to make the roster. Any speculation would be based on nothing but conjecture because, once again, HE HAS NEVER PLAYED FOOTBALL.

This is interesting because Okoye is an athletic freak. He is 21, stands 6'5, weighs 308 pounds, and ran a 4.78 40-yard dash. Let that sink in....