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NFL Draft results 2013: 49ers' Jim Tomsula gets what he wants

The San Francisco 49ers added Cornellius "Tank" Carradine in the 2013 NFL Draft, and that's exactly what defensive line coach Jim Tomsula wanted.


San Francisco 49ers CEO Jed York was especially active on Twitter during the 2013 NFL Draft, and among his entertaining tweets were a few that were particularly interesting to me. Those tweets were the ones that involved defensive line coach Jim Tomsula.

When the 49ers were set to pick Cornellius Carradine, York tweeted "Wish you could listen to Jimmy T talking to our newest Niner. Fired up doesn't begin to describe either side of the phone." I'm sure that all of you can picture Tomsula fired up on said phone ... just imagine a really big kid excited about a new toy.

A super hairy kid, though.

Then, when the 49ers were on the clock in the fifth round, York tweeted that Jimmy T is "having his way in this draft." That tweet was followed by the drafting of Alabama defensive lineman Quinton Dial.

Now let's make one thing clear: It's obvious that the pick ultimately comes down to Trent Baalke, Jim Harbaugh and York. That's not up for debate even a little bit, but the fact that Tomsula was noted twice just lends more credibility to the line of thinking that this guy is so important to the organization.

When Harbaugh took over, the one definite holdover on the coaching staff was always going to be Tomsula. Heck, I think I would have been OK with Tomsula getting the head coaching job full time. It definitely wouldn't have been my first option, but the guy knows football, he knows how to manage players and of course, he knows his defensive linemen.

I'll be the first to admit my selfishness, though. I hope Tomsula never gets the promotion that he deserves and I hope he coaches the San Francisco defensive line until the end of time. If he's happy as Jim Nobody from Nowhere, then I'm happy with him in that role, so long as guys like Ray McDonald continue to make the strides that they make.

At this point, I'm kind of all over the place, but my point is that we as fans respect Tomsula, but it's also very clear that the 49ers organization values his input. You can bet Tomsula had a lot to say about Carradine, Dial and even Corey Lemonier. You can bet that when he talked, Baalke, Harbaugh and York listened to what he had to say. You can bet that he had a hand in snaring British discus thrower Lawrence Okoye as an undrafted free agent.

Most importantly, you can bet that Tomsula is getting exactly what he wants this offseason. I firmly believe that "Tank" was his guy from the beginning, and if the 49ers thought they'd need to trade up to get him, that Tomsula would have been very vocal in making sure such a trade was facilitated.

I like that the 49ers have a guy like Tomsula, who knows what he wants, and a group of guys in the front office that know to make sure he gets what he wants. He's not going to be running the draft any time soon, but you can bet that every player that comes through that defensive line is someone that Tomsula is all kinds of fired up about.

So here's to the 49ers, our potential replacement for Justin Smith, the rest of the draft picks and, of course, Tomsula.