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Rooting Interests? Some thoughts on the SF Giants, Oakland A's and Matt Flynn

Considering the San Francisco Giants and Oakland A's, and bringing it back to the Matt Flynn trade


This is a topic about which I've written before -- I think during the baseball playoffs last October. And, during the offseason when other sports besides football are underway, I think it's a topic worth revisiting.

A couple of nights ago, both the San Francisco Giants and the Oakland A's lost their first games of the season. Woe be to the Bay Area! But, really, Baseball season is long. Super long. These games means nothing. Okay, that's not true -- divisions can be won or lost by one game. But, the season for both teams weren't lost that night.

What I found interesting, though, is that right after I was done rending my garments after mourning a Matt Cain 0 earned runs non-win -- right after the grieving was over, I was rooting for the A's. This isn't too weird. I rooted forthem last postseason. I just didn't think I would be pulling so hard for them in a regular season game. It's the first game of the season, so it might not last, but it was an interesting feeling nonetheless.

But then I realized that it was coming right on the heels of me being all pro-Matt Flynn, even though hours earlier I was anti-Matt Flynn. He's on the Seahawks? Oh that guy totally sucks. He's on the Raiders now? Well, he did have that one game...

Is Matt Flynn the answer to the Raiders' woes? Absolutely not. They have so many holes its rough. I think that team is AT LEAST an o-line away from being competitive, if not more. Flynn likely won't be the answer.

But, I still hope they just found a franchise QB. I hope the Raiders can use this trade to their advantage. I won't be pulling for them over the 49ers ever, but I'm still a Bay Area guy.

One thing that I was thinking about in this regard was other rooting interests outside the Bay Area. I sort of assume that most 49er fans will root for the Raiders at times (maybe a faulty assumption), but are there teams outside of the Bay that you root for?