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This Week in Niners Nation: The Unfinished Business Edition (4/5)

This Week in Niners Nation, a weekly revisiting of Niners Nation content. It was a big week for the team, at a time when most of us assumed the fun was over until the draft. Never a dull moment with our front office. We've got the scoop.

Nnamdi, looking sharp!
Nnamdi, looking sharp!

Is there anyone else here who assumed the 49ers would be quiet up until the draft? I understand human nature, so many of you are going to say that you knew something was coming. Well, I for one, was shocked. We made not one, but two moves that will shape the roster.

First, we traded for Colt McCoy, former Browns quarterback with a season and a half of starting experience. The price was cheap. We gave up a seventh rounder, moved back a few slots from the end of the fifth to the start of the sixth round, and have to pay Mr. McCoy his peanuts. Not bad.

The next day, the big news hit that we'd signed Nnamdi Asomugha for one year and a bit over $1 million. Not bad, Baalke. Turns out the guy has a chip on his shoulder the size of Mt. Rushmore and wants to play for respect and redemption. He's made his fortune and he wants his good name back. There's virtually no risk for the 49ers. Even before we signed him, much commentary was written about how the Eagles used him wrong. We'll use him right. And if he's got anything left, we'll get it out of him.

And now, in late breaking news, Anthony Davis has been extended!

An exciting week during a time when we could have been discussing what backup TE we want in the fourth round. How about that! And don't worry, we'll discuss the backup TE position.

Trades & Signings

Before the trade for Colt McCoy I had been skeptical of the move. Once the move was made and people wrote great articles like this justifying it, I felt a lot better. If we spend $4 million total on our quarterbacks while the Cowboys spend, say, $400 million, and on a lesser product no less, then the rest of our team will be that much better. | Colt McCoy trade: What do the 49ers see in the backup QB? (Busichio)

And the other big move of the week was the Nnamdi Asomugha signing. I didn't think we had the cap space to make this one happen, but our front office never ceases to surprise. Nnamdi was much maligned in Philadelphia, but we're hoping that most of that had to do with the system and not the player. Fooch notes the complications it creates at the position group for the 49ers. We kept five cornerbacks on the squad last year. All five have returned; Is a cut in sight? | 49ers sign Nnamdi Asomugha: Getting down to details (Fooch)

Draft Noise

In prognosticating a draft in which you have no idea what that wheeler and dealer Trent Baalke is going to do, nor where in the hell the team will pick after trades, the best thing to do is look at what positions need filling. That's the route Fooch takes here. Who will the 49ers select to replace the departed Delanie Walker? Cincinnati's Travis Kelce is the most recent rumor. He's a blocker. We like blocking. | What will the 49ers consider at tight end? (Fooch)

Another position that we're in need of help of, following the departure of Dashon Goldson, is safety. This draft class is deep at the position and a good one could be found at either of our first two picks. One name that pops up frequently is LSU's Eric Reid. I've noticed on Twitter that people have very strong opinions about the safety class. The strongest opinions are saved for the prospects that people don't want. | 49ers & Eric Reid: A likely combination? (Malone)

We've been destined to draft some secondary help since our poor performance against the pass in the playoffs. Goldson walked and finding a replacement for him shot to the top of the to-do list. We've also been linked to various cornerbacks in the draft. Then a funny thing happened. We signed Nnamdi for a no-risk contract. Are we done looking at cornerbacks? Is Carlos Rogers in limbo? Will my hair grow back? Trevor Woods answers most of these questions. | Nnamdi Asomugha signing draft implications (Woods)

Hot Topics

Here's another edition of our #Channel49 Twitter Q&A. Will the team be able to afford both Anthony Davis and Mike Iupati? Who throws more touchdowns, Alex Smith or Colin Kaepernick? Can the 49ers use the draft to replace the talent lost in free agency? All this and more... | Niners Nation #Channel49 Twitter Q&A Mailbag, Vol. 3 (Malone & Woods)

There were some crucial injuries last season. The offense suffered in the middle of the season while the defense caught the injury bug at the end. Here's the latest news on each of those key injuries and how they're recovering. Mario Manningham has the longest road ahead of him. | Injury updates: Circling back on Kendall Hunter, Mario Manningham, Kyle Williams and more (Fooch)

A question that pops up again and again is our 2015 free agent class. So many of our top players will be freed of contractual obligation at this point that it is worth discussing now. Aldon Smith, Colin Kaepernick, Michael Crabtree, Mike Iupati and Anthony Davis are some of the bigger names. Jay Hurley looks at the impending D-Day from a salary cap perspective. | 49ers salary cap: Beginning the look at 2015 free agents (Hurley)

Since free agency got into swing, a name that's been linked to the 49ers is Charles Woodson. There were rumors flying that he and Asomugha might be a package deal. I don't think anyone asked them, but we can have our fun. Now that Nnamdi is on the roster, does that mean Woodson is coming, or is he out of the question? Is there still hope? | Is Charles Woodson still in play? (Fooch)

A weird development late in the week was the revelation that Carlos Rogers only received $1.25 million in guaranteed money on April 1st. It was previously thought that his entire salary would become guaranteed on that date, making him an unlikely candidate for a salary cap cut or a restructuring. We had previously discussed the idea of one of the 49ers five cornerbacks from last season possibly getting the axe. Hmm... | Untangling some of the guarantee details of Carlos Rogers contract (Fooch)

You may have noticed a few articles there with references to Anthony Davis and his re-signability. Obviously I wrote this article before the news broke. For the sake of argument, I'll take the opposing view that no, we will not re-sign Anthony Davis. Note: All my teacher's hated me. | Anthony Davis signs five-year contract extension, per PFT (Fooch)


And on to the FanPosts. Today they'll be ordered by number of comments for the three "winners". First up is ninersfootball with their discussion on the merits of the safe pick vs. picking for the home run. When you're right at the cusp of winning a title the question becomes a bit more pressing. | Draft thinking - safe picks, or swing for home runs? (ninersfootball)

ChesapeakeBay9er is back with their revised mock draft. Their previous rendition received a lot of attention and comments. The revised one is just as comprehensive but has some more realistic trades included. | A more possible mock draft (ChesapeakeBay9er)

A player who's got a lot to prove this season, but has received very little attention this offseason is AJ Jenkins. Zero catches in his rookie year was underwhelming, but he wasn't given much of an opportunity for whatever reason. Brother Girth asks a worrying question. | Is AJ Jenkins too laid back? (Brother Girth)

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