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Anthony Davis signs five-year contract extension, per PFT

Pro Football Talk is reporting 49ers offensive tackle Anthony Davis has signed a five-year contract extension.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Fooch's Note: Adam Schefter has some details on the contract:

Pro Football Talk has tweeted out that a source informed them that 49ers offensive tackle Anthony Davis has signed a five-year contract extension with the 49ers. Davis was scheduled to become a free agent after the 2014 season.

The timing is pretty good on this considering Jason Hurley opened his discussion of pending 2014 free agents with a look at Davis and Mike Iupati. Davis struggled with consistency his first two years, but took a huge step forward in year three, and was one of several reasons the 49ers had the best offensive line in football this past season.

There are no words yet on the details, so I'm not quite sure if this is five years following 2014, or if the 49ers re-did the last two years of his deal as part of the five years. If they re-did it, I imagine they would look to lower his 2013 cap number since they are getting so close to the edge at this point. We'll keep an eye out for more details on the figures.

Fooch's Note: PFT's follow-up article indicates it is five years on top of his remaining two, meaning he would be signed through 2019.

That locks up the 49ers left tackle, right guard and right tackle through at least 2015 (Alex Boone would be the first free agent from that group). Mike Iupati is coming up on free agency after 2014, so we'll see if he gets locked in next. After that, Daniel Kilgore would likely be next on deck, as he is also signed through 2014. If the team views him as the center of the future, a deal in the coming months would not shock me.