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Niners Nation 2013 49ers NFL Draft Community Big Board - Top 5

We open the floor for voting on our community big board for the 49ers. We start with the top five spots.


After some discussion, the Niners Nation Community Big Board vote is officially underway! As we have done in years past, you just go down below and pick your top five players. On Wednesday, we discussed positions and whether not we should include everything, exclude certain things, or what exactly.

I ended up making a couple executive decisions. I did not include Geno Smith in the poll. I also removed the top rated offensive guards from the poll. I had considered removing offensive tackles too, but with no backup, I am willing to at least consider them as an option. The good thing about the poll is you can just not vote for them if you so choose. The Anthony Davis contract extension probably bumps it further down the list, but I figured I'd include some of the top tackles anyway.

In determining the big board, you can vote based on a variety of considerations. If you think the 49ers big board should be based entirely on best player available, order accordingly. If you think it should reflect certain needs, adjust accordingly. For example, if you think the 49ers have zero need at offensive tackle, or incredibly limited need, you would not vote for guys like Luke Joeckel, Eric Fisher and Lane Johnson.

More than likely I'll leave this poll up for 24 hours, and then post results and the next poll tomorrow late morning or early afternoon. I'll add five more players into the poll, so feel free to suggest five additional players to add.