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Anthony Davis has no love lost for former Rutgers coach, current Bucs coach Greg Schiano

We take a look at some comments from Anthony Davis at the Rutgers Pro Day. Davis did not have kind words for his former coach at Rutgers, Greg Schiano.

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Yesterday afternoon, I posted a FanShot featuring a tweet from Will Brinson in response to an Anthony Davis tweet that was subsequently deleted. Davis posted a comment that current Bucs coach Greg Schiano reportedly told him at some point. I assume it was when Schiano was Davis' coach at Rutgers, but we don't know the full context. All we know is that Davis thinks Schiano had little respect for his potential in the NFL. Davis posted the tweet as word spread that he had signed a five-year contract extension.

Davis apparently had more to say about Schiano previously at the Rutgers Pro Day. NFL Draft Bible had a chance to talk with him at the Pro Day, and Davis was blunt in his comments about Schiano. He was asked about how Schiano prepared him (and others) at Rutgers for life in the NFL. Davis mentioned another coach having done more, but I could not make out the name:

"Schiano didn't do shit, but make that the longest three years of my life. Schiano breaks your confidence down ... That's his idea of molding the guys. breaking the confidence down. But really, without confidence you've got shitty players. I feel like what he's doing I thought it was cuz I was young and I just didn't appreciate what he was doing. But now that I'm older, I'm realizing his plan is not working. And I think he's going to start finding that out soon enough."

Well, there you have it. Davis has never been one to pull any punches, so these comments are not exactly surprising.

What makes this just a little more interesting is that the 49ers will be traveling to Tampa Bay this fall to face the Buccaneers. I imagine Davis and Schiano will not be exchanging pregame pleasantries. But I have to think Schiano will do everything in his power to help his pass rushers get in Davis' head. Of course, Davis will be entering his fourth year in the NFL and is maturing each year.

One of his best and worst qualities is his mean streak. He is the first to defend his teammates, but sometimes that mean streak results in a personal foul penalty. I think it is entirely worth the downside when teammates know he has their backs, and opposing players no he will not back down. They can take advantage of that, but we have to live with it on occasion.