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Niners Nation 2013 49ers NFL Draft Community Big Board - Spots 6-10

We open the floor for voting on our community big board for the 49ers. We move on to spots 6-10.


Earlier this week, we got the Niners Nation community big board voting under way. I left voting open for two days and here were the results for the first round of voting:

1. Star Lotulelei, DT, Utah (80 first place votes): 802
2. Sharrif Floyd, DT, Florida (75): 698
3. Kenny Vaccaro, S, Texas (47): 624
4. Sheldon Richardson, DT, Missouri (35): 509
5. Dee Milliner, CB, Alabama (36): 488

I am not surprised the defensive line was coming up on top. After all, some of the top talent in this year's draft would provide some great long term options for the 49ers defensive line. I am a little surprised Star Lotulelei finished first, but there are a lot of people who view him as the top defensive talent. There have been question marks about his health, but his upside could be as good as anybody.

Below you can vote on the next round of players. This ballot removes the five guys above and adds five more in. Make sure and read through all the players before voting. Also, a reminder that even though a lot of these guys will not make it to the 49ers, we are treating this as if the players were to get there. Don't vote based on which players you think will be there. Rather, assuming all of these players are there, how would you rank them?