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2013 NFL Draft: What position would surprise you early on?

The 2013 NFL Draft is less than three weeks away, which means mock drafts are finding every which way of being different. In light of this, is there any position the 49ers could draft in the first two days that would surprise you?

John David Mercer-USA TODAY Spor

The 2013 NFL Draft is fast approaching, and is now less than three weeks away. Mock drafts are working to make things more interesting, which means we occasionally will get some out there picks.

Pro Football Talk released their latest mock Sunday evening, and they have the 49ers selecting outside linebacker Jarvis Jones. PFT is going against the conventional wisdom for quite a few of their picks, which is one way to mix things up and get people talking. People will call it garbage, but most mock drafts have a certain amount of BS attached to them.

Aside from whatever players are dropping around the 49ers, is outside linebacker a viable position the 49ers could grab on day one of the draft?

The 49ers are bringing back Parys Haralson, and will have Darius Fleming and Cam Johnson returning after injuries scuttled most or all of their rookie seasons. If Fleming and Johnson were more than fifth and seventh round picks, I might call BS on this, but in reality, outside linebacker does need depth. If the team could add in a top flight pass rusher to rotate in with Aldon Smith and Ahmad Brooks, that would add some serious bite to an already improved pass rush.

Part of this will depend on what the team thinks of Fleming and Johnson. If the team waits until late in the draft to add an outside linebacker, if at all, it tells us the team is likely pretty happy with their group of outside linebackers. If they draft early, none of Fleming, Johnson or Haralson will be safe.

I would be a bit surprised if the 49ers drafted an outside linebacker, but it is a position where there is enough potential need for depth that an early pick would not surprise me. Are there other positions that you could see being picked early on that would surprise many, but might actually make some under-the-radar sense?