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Greg Roman talks a little bit of everything with Mike Silver

We take a look at a recent feature on 49ers offensive coordinator Greg Roman.


Given how quiet things are right now, I thought I would point out an interesting article from last week. Yahoo! writer Mike Silver took some time to chat with 49ers offensive coordinator Greg Roman in San Francisco. He put together a great feature that provides some additional background many of us did not know about. It gives us even better context about what makes Roman the coach he is.

It is interesting to get a bit more insight onto the NFL head coach hiring process in January. Roman seemed like a hot name, but the interview opportunities did not materialize. He was connected most heavily with the Jacksonville Jaguars, but they elected to hire Gus Bradley. Jaguars GM David Caldwell, a former college teammate of Roman, said that waiting until after the Super Bowl would set back the rebuilding process. Given that there were no guarantees they would get Greg Roman that makes sense. Of course, if Roman was prepared to join the team right after the Super Bowl, I'm not sure that reason holds as much water.

At this point, it does start to feel like we are on borrowed time with Roman. Fans have given him crap at times, but his ability to adjust the game plan for Colin Kaepernick and take advantage of the young quarterback's unique skills was pivotal in keeping the 49ers churning along. Sometimes he can outthink himself, but for the most part, I think we need to be pleased with what he brings to the game each week.

The 49ers know that teams will be gunning for them once again in 2012. Colin Kaepernick's ability to adjust to defenses will be important, but Roman's adjustments will be almost as important. He's a smart guy who can adjust as needed. If he can do it for a third season with the 49ers, I can't imagine he will lose out on a head coaching job for 2014.

When you get a free minute, check out Mike Silver's article.