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Monday night open thread: Some Jim Tomsula media day content

We open up a thread for Monday afternoon conversation. You can even check out some Jim Tomsula video if you want.

We have hit a bit of a lull in early April with the 2013 NFL Draft still a few weeks away. There is content to be had, but for the most part, it has been pretty quiet. I suppose this is the calm before the storm.

I thought I'd throw an open thread together to take us through the evening. The NCAA men's basketball tournament wraps up with the Louisville Cardinals facing the Michigan Wolverines. It should be a solid matchup as these two have been playing some very solid basketball lately. Michigan almost blew things on Saturday, while the Cardinals had to fight back from a deficit to Wichita State. However, both have the talent to make for an entertaining title game. And I'll be in the house for the game, so that should be fun!

If you are hanging around the thread, check out the video up above. It's from Super Bowl media day, but if you missed it, it's a fun one. I had a chance to talk to 49ers defensive line coach Jim Tomsula, and even got in a question about the unzipped jacket. I think it's worth a watch when you get a minute.

Feel free to use this thread for just about whatever discussion you want, whether it be the 49ers, the Louisville-Michigan championship game, baseball or whatever works. Well, obviously no politics or religion, but otherwise, go to town.