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Which Niner is the Next Dashon Goldson?

If somebody moves on to another team for money reasons, who would it be?


I have no doubt that the 49ers' Front Office would have kept Dashon Goldson if the price was right. Admittedly, I was an occasional Dashon basher. Until last season, his coverage could be suspect and so could his (too) aggressive hitting. To his credit, though, he worked on these issues and saw a great degree of improvement -- particularly during his most recent contract season.

This led, as we all know, to a contract we couldn't match. So it goes. I'm okay with that fact. He's a good player; although, he probably isn't worth what he will be paid. But, who will be the next Dashon Goldson? Which 49er will be too good that we can't keep him around? Will there even be another Dashon, or are we set?

Really, this post begs two questions for discussion: Will the 49ers have a player in the next few offseasons who will go elsewhere because his money demands are too high? And, if so, who?

Just to get the discussion ball rolling, I thought I would offer a few comments myself.

First, I have no qualms saying that we will probably move on from a currently important member of the team. The problem really resides with Colin Kaepernick and Aldon Smith. The two gentlemen in question are too good at positions that are too necessary. We will look to lock them up long-term at the most opportune moment. Moreover, this team really values flexibility. This is evident from how current contracts are structured, how we stockpile and trade draft picks, and how we bring in camp bodies and low key signings. I highly doubt Trent Baalke will put too much money in only a few players.

So who gets the chopping block? In my mind, there are two likely players: Mike Iupati and Michael Crabtree. Both players have really flourished recently -- especially Mr. Crabtree. And, these are both players I would like to see stick around. But, I think both will command high price tags.

So, pull out your crystal balls. Your turn. Who is the likeliest to be moving, if anybody?