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49ers discuss start of "football school"

The 49ers began the "football school" portion of their offseason workout program. We take a look at some players' comments about the program.

Earlier this week, the San Francisco 49ers entered Phase Two of their offseason workout program, sometimes called "Football School". Phase One allowed for strength and conditioning work, as well as rehab. Phase Two is called "Football School" in part because all the coaches are allowed onto the field, and the team can begin individual player instruction and drills.

The writing staff had a chance to talk with some of the players to discuss how things have developed thus far. In the video above, Anquan Boldin and Kyle Williams talk about coming into the program, and the process of getting ready for 2013. For Boldin, it is about learning the offense and getting in rhythm with his new teammates. For Kyle Williams, working with a guy like Anquan Boldin gives him and the rest of the young receivers a chance to make some big strides in 2013.

Carlos Rogers also got a few questions about it. Rogers talked about how it was something he did not want to do during his younger days, but with age he has learned the value of the team workout program. He also had some comments about the team's draft class. He is excited about bringing in Eric Reid, but obviously recognizes Reid has big shoes to fill at free safety. The 49ers have a solid pair of veteran defensive backs in Rogers and Donte Whitner, and I imagine Reid will lean on them at times as he learns the NFL game.