Quinton Dial scouting report, courtesy of Dial's Alabama roommate

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Hey guys, I just joined cause to be honest I have never been a 49ers fan. I actually am a Falcons fan but Quinton Dial was my roommate throughout college, so naturally I am going to follow the 49ers now.

I saw some people above asking about his style of play etc. We went to high school together so I have seen his entire career. Let me first start off by saying he is a great individual. Very devoted Christian and goes to church every Sunday. Obviously his routine will have to change if he makes the roster. He was very active in volunteering in Tuscaloosa after the tornado a few years back and speaks at local elementary schools.

Anyway, back to his play, Q is a run stopper pure and simple. Can he pass rush? Sure, but that is not his best attribute. In high school he dominated simply because he was bigger than anyone else on the field. He was very very raw. He actually beat out D.J. Fluker his senior year for 6A lineman of the year in Alabama. While he was very raw coming out of high school, most college programs, (Alabama, Clemson, Florida, Auburn, Tennessee, etc.) saw his potential. He had/has a very high ceiling. In high school we went through four coaches in four years, with each running a different defensive scheme, so he never really had a true position because he was always learning.

He didn’t qualify out of high school and went to EMCC (East Coast Mississippi Community College) for two years. He was originally only suppose to play one season and redshirt the other, giving him three years at Alabama. The team was really thin on the line so they couldn’t afford to do that and thus had to play. Not only did he have to play but he had to play nose in their 3-4 because frankly they didn't have anyone else. He did so, once again playing out of position.

He busted his butt in the classroom and played two seasons, and after that Alabama still wanted him so he re-signed. He enrolled early and went through spring practice. Coming in he was going up against Jesse Williams for the opposite end spot because Damion Square was a returning starter and Josh Chapman was a senior at nose. After his first season he and Ed Stinson (who will be a starting senior for Alabama this year) we co-starters, depended on the team/game situation they were in. While at Alabama he did exactly what he was taught to do, set the edge and occupy blockers so the LBs behind him ( Courtney Upshaw, Dont’a Hightower, Nico Johnson, C.J. Moseley) could wrack up the tackles.

And he did it well. He never put up big numbers because honestly that is not what was asked of him. But I promise you, without him, Williams, Square, Upshaw and crew would not have looked so good in their careers. He has long arms and is able to get his hands on the offensive linemen very quickly, thus controlling position/point of attack. He fluctuates between 305-315 but carries his weight very well. He has had two surgeries at UA. One was to fix a labrum problem and then turf toe this past offseason. Other than that he has never had any serious injuries.

After leaving Alabama he has a juco national title, two BCS national titles, and a SEC title, as well as a college degree (which four years ago would have been a miracle in its own). Anyway, sorry for the length guys just trying to help and hopefully can answer any questions you guys have and can’t wait to be a 49ers fan now.

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