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Golden Nuggets: Can Eric Reid replace Dashon Goldson?

Monday, May 13, 2013 edition of the Golden Nuggets, a daily compilation of 49ers links from around the web.

Eric Reid's leap gets a 10 from all the judges, except the Soviet judge, who gives him an 8.
Eric Reid's leap gets a 10 from all the judges, except the Soviet judge, who gives him an 8.
Jason O. Watson

People have been asking if our pass defense will make the grade this year. Last year, it appeared to be a top 10 unit before faltering down the stretch. The front office did little to upgrade it, letting Dashon Goldson walk and drafting Eric Reid. The move was not necessarily made to upgrade the free safety position, but to save some $6 million dollars per year. The rest of the secondary remains intact with the exception of Nnamdi Asomugha. Are we going to make some schematic adjustments to fix what ailed us going down the stretch? Was upgrading and adding depth and variety to the pass rush and defensive line the solution. This is one of the big questions that will dog us this offseason.

East Bay Sports Guy leads us off. Many people are worried about whether Reid can replace Goldson and what a drop off in play might mean to a unit already under fire. He proposes that Goldson wasn't as good as many people think, citing various publications and sites to back his claim. | To replace Goldson, Reid needs only be mediocre (BASG)

Matt Barrows has some notes from the rookie minicamp. | Colin Kaepernick watches B.J. Daniels shine; Baalke observes Lawrence Okoye in action (Barrows)

Packers rookie Datone Jones made some 49ers fans angry with a comment. Here's an article about it. | Packers' Datone Jones: Kaepernick can't keep running like that (PFT)

And that's it, guys. Not a lot of news. If you find any...put it in the comments. It's that time of the year when things get....s....l....o....w. I love my football, but I'll take the opportunity to get a break in when I can. Until next time.

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