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49ers rookie minicamp: Will any tryout candidates get a further look?

The 49ers wrapped up their rookie minicamp on Sunday. Will any of the UDFAs make a return appearance for training camp?

Jason O. Watson

The San Francisco 49ers wrapped up their rookie minicamp over the weekend. The draft picks and undrafted free agents will join the team full-time today, with Quinton Patton the only one left to wrap up school. The team will settle into the rest of their offseason workout program, which could mark the end of some players' NFL dream.

The 49ers brought in numerous tryout candidates over the weekend in order to fill out their roster for drills. Last Friday, we took a look at the 49ers rookie roster in our minicamp primer. At that point, we knew about three tryout candidates: QB Nate Montana, TE Jason Schepler and WR Greg Wilson. I figured there would be more, but there were no early confirmations.

Friday afternoon, Matt Maiocco provided a list of the entire 49ers rookie roster, including all tryout candidates. Aside from Montana, Schepler and Wilson, the list included:

CB Broderick Brown (Oklahoma State)
WR Brandon Carswell (USC)
DL Andre Davis (Kentucky Christian)
DT Dan Farr (Toledo)
TE D.J. Grant (Texas)
LB Josh Harris (Montana)
LB Davis Nwabuisi (Northwestern)
CB Wopamo Osaisai (Stanford)
DB Shawn Plummer (Fresno State)
TE Andrew Powell (North Texas)
RB Isi Sofele (Cal)
LB David Tuitupuo (San Jose State)
P Daniel Zychlinski (Stanford)

The 49ers still have one open roster spot, so it is possible they will bring one of these tryout candidates back on a contract. I still think they end up signing a kicker to give Phil Dawson a break during the preseason. Do any of the players listed provide help in an area where the 49ers might need some more bodies?