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Chiefs hire Chris Ault, creator of the Pistol formation

The Kansas City Chiefs have hired former Nevada coach Chris Ault as a consultant. What will the creator of the Pistol formation be able to do for Kansas City?

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Late last year, Nevada head coach Chris Ault retired. Ault created the Pistol formation in 2005 in order to combine the shotgun spread with the traditional north-south ground game. The change helped Nevada move toward the powerful force they have become in recent years. Nevada reached its zenith with Colin Kaepernick at the helm of the pistol.

After Ault left Nevada, a lot of 49ers fans figured he should join San Francisco to continue working his prized pupil. Nothing came up in the ensuing months, but Ault has finally figured out his next step. According to his agent, Ault is joining the Kansas City Chiefs as a consultant.

I realize this isn't 49ers-specific, but I still find it rather interesting. The Chiefs starting quarterback is Alex Smith, and while he is an athletic quarterback, he is not the kind of quarterback many expect to see in the Pistol formation. I imagine the Chiefs will mix the formation into the rest of their offense, but bringing in Ault would seem to indicate something more. Is it to develop the defense to face the Pistol? Their schedule is not exactly Pistol heavy. Ault indicated that he is not yet sure what the Chiefs have in mind for him.

That being said, we could look to Jim Harbaugh's own philosophy for building a team. Coach Harbaugh wants to bring in the best and the brightest to create the best team he can. Bringing in a great coach like Chris Ault would seem to only help the Chiefs improve their performance in 2013. Even if they never run a Pistol play, Ault brings creativity to the table.

Of course, it will be interesting to see what happens in 2014 when the 49ers play the Chiefs. If Ault is still around, the Chiefs would certainly benefit from having Colin Kaepernick's former head coach. Earlier this offseason, one of Ault's former assistants, Jim Mastro, indicated he would not help NFL teams learn how to defend the Pistol as long as Colin Kaepernick was in the NFL. We'll see if Ault is around a year from now.

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