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NaVorro Bowman talks tackling in Madden 2013

NaVorro Bowman has gotten involved with the upcoming summer release of Madden 2013. We take a look at a video in which he is featured, as well as some of the changes coming with this iteration.

Later this summer, on August 27, Madden 2013 will be released to the masses. Barry Sanders won the cover vote, but our 49ers are still somewhat involved in the game. NaVorro Bowman joined up with EA to discuss tackling and Madden in the video above.

Every year, Madden involves some manner of improvements to the game, and this year they are making some enhancements on defense. Among other things, momentum will change so it is not quite so stop and start when a defensive player makes a tackle. Additionally, the game will have improved defensive pursuit angles. I actually haven't played much Madden the last couple years, but I remember awkward angles being a pain in the butt.

You can read more about defensive improvements a This followed their look at some improvements on the offensive side of the ball.

How many people are going to get the new edition of Madden this year?