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The 49ers offense might as well be running a bizarro Princeton style attack

The 49ers have proven to have a dynamic offense, but how much time did they spend running said offense?

Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sport

The folks at Football Perspective have put together an interesting statistic that I wanted to share. I don't know if we can draw a whole lot from it right now, but when I see new things, I like to share them.

Football Perspective put together a ranking of offensive tempo in the NFL. They developed tempo by taking time of possession and total plays, and figuring out average seconds per play. It should surprise nobody that the New England Patriots rank first on fewest seconds per play (24.9) and the 49ers rank dead last at 31.6 seconds per play.

The 49ers have developed a fairly dynamic offense, but with the extensive ground game, along with all the audibles and checks at the line, it is not surprising to see them spending the most time per play. What will be interesting is to see if the team adds any wrinkles to speed things up at times. With a full offseason season of Colin Kaepernick working with Greg Roman and Geep Chryst, you just know we'll see some more wrinkles to this offense.

Speaking of such wrinkles, any predictions on potential additions to the offense? We know we'll see a good amount of plays out of the pistol formation, and we'll see plenty of read option plays. What changes will we see in 2013?