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Marcus Lattimore loves 49ers humility

Marcus Lattimore had a chance to discuss his new 49ers teammates. He had some interesting comments.

Jason O. Watson

49ers running back Marcus Lattimore is down in Los Angeles this weekend for the NFLPA Rookie Premiere. This event features skill position players and other potentially high profile players (hello, Manti Te'o), and is a chance for the NFLPA to get them some more publicity in advance of their rookie seasons.

There is a whole lot of interviewing going throughout the events, and Lattimore had an interesting comment for CBS Sports Pat Kirwan:

The 49ers have always come across to the media as a fairly humble team, but it's still interesting to hear a rookie say this after only a brief time with the team. Lattimore met with the team before the draft, and just recently started up football school on Monday, after rookie minicamp. He hasn't spent a lot of time with the team, but it's been enough time to make an impact.

And this would seem to be the reason I am not as concerned about a hangover following a tough Super Bowl loss. There is occasionally discussion of the Super Bowl runner-up struggling with a hangover the following season. It is not always the case, but it pops up in storylines heading into a new season. The 49ers however consistently come across as a humble team. They've got the players for that, but it helps having a coach who works to keep his team grounded, while trying to inspire them at the same time. It's an interesting balance.