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Frank Gore remains a boss

How many running backs were drafted before Frank Gore? Wow....

Al Bello

It's the dead days of May right now, so little things like this tide me over:

Ronnie Brown went No. 2, Benson went No. 4, Cadillac went No. 5, J.J. Arrington went No. 44 and Eric Shelton went No. 54.

Frank Gore was coming off serious knee problems at Miami, so it was no surprise he dropped in the draft. Obviously it worked out great, as Frank Gore has been an absolute force at the NFL level. Even after two college knee surgeries, and then a pair of shoulder surgeries after his rookie year, Gore has turned into an all-time 49ers great. Not too shabby.

And now, the 49ers might have a chance for history to repeat itself to a certain extent. The selection of Marcus Lattimore is not quite the same storyline as Frank Gore, but there are enough similarities with the injury angle. So much so that Lattimore has already had a chance to interact with Frank Gore. Eric Branch had a chance to talk with Lattimore, and the former South Carolina running back is already latching on to Gore.