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Michael Crabtree makes appearance on "The Sports Car" with Dave Dameshek

Michael Crabtree talks all sorts of topics with Dave Dameshek on NFL Network.

When things are as dead as they are right now, I like to poke around the 49ers sub-reddit over at If you haven't checked out Reddit, it is pretty impressive. People post anything and everything they can related to the 49ers or any other topic. It is really a rather amazing bit of crowd-sourcing.

I was poking around last night when I came across the video above, via 49ers Spin. Michael Crabtree was on NFL Network earlier this week, on something called "The Sports Car" with Dave Dameshek. As far as I can tell, the show involves an athlete getting in a car with Dameshek, then conducting an interview as they drive around.

This might be my favorite Crabtree interview thus far. In previous interviews, he has come across as a bit shy. He's not over the top in this one, but he seems to be enjoying himself with it a little bit more. Maybe it's the randomness of an interview in a car. I don't really know, but it's a fun interview. Anytime you can get someone singing "Movin' on up", you're doing a good job as an interviewer.