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49ers vs. Seahawks: Marshawn Lynch could face suspension amidst DUI case

The 49ers face the Seahawks in Week 2. Could they catch a break by a potentially suspended Marshawn Lynch?


The San Francisco 49ers 2013 schedule features a tough start as they host the Green Bay Packers, and then travel to Seattle to face the Seahawks on Sunday Night Football. It won't be an easy schedule in 2013, but there is a chance the 49ers could catch a break Week 2 agains the Seahawks.

Last July, Marshawn Lynch was pulled over and arrested for drunk driving. Police reported that he was seen swerving, and when his BAC was measured it was over the legal limit. The case has been delayed in going to trial, but it now appears the case will get going on June 21.

If Lynch is found guilty, or cuts a plea bargain, he will reportedly face a two-game suspension under the league's substance abuse policy. That would obviously be a boon to the 49ers as Lynch has put up some strong numbers agains them. The Seahawks drafted running back Christine Michael at the end of the second round last weekend, and he would likely pair with Robert Turbin in Lynch's absence.

That being said, there is a chance the case could still be dismissed. On May 22, a judge will hear arguments over defense motions to dismiss the case and if not that, then to suppress evidence. It turns out Lynch's lawyer believes race played a factor in the incident:

[Ivan] Golde believes the proof may rest in the fact that the incident was NOT captured on the CHP dash cam. Golde claims cops told him the recording device was "not functioning properly" during the arrest.

"There's an inference, a possibility ... it doesn't take a rocket scientist to say that the police maybe turned it off," Golde says.

The California Highway patrol denies this and provided a statement to TMZ (in the link above). After the hearing May 22, we'll get a better idea of where this might be headed. If the judge does not dismiss or suppress evidence, I could see a plea bargain happening. Lynch reportedly failed a field sobriety test and then blew above the .08 legal limit.

Of course, even if the case is dismissed, that will not necessarily stop Roger Goodell from suspending Lynch. The commissioner doesn't always concern himself with whether a player is found innocent or guilty by a court of law. I have no sympathy for Lynch, but we'll have to wait and see how this plays out.