As Requested By King Try and Catch Vernon Brohandas Davis

Fun facts!

Within the two full seasons of the Harbaugh-Carroll era:

San Francisco:
0 NFL Championships
1 NFC Championship
2 NFC West Championships
24-7-1 season record
8-3-1 within the division
11-5 on the road
13-2-1 at home
3 playoff victories
1st place NFCW finish in 2011
1st place NFCW finish in 2012
9 Pro Bowlers in 2012 (#1 in NFC, Tied for #1 Overall)
9 Pro Bowlers in 2013 (#1 in NFC, Tied for #1 Overall)
7 First Team All-Pro in 2012
4 Second Team All-Pro in 2012
5 First Team All-Pro in 2011
3 Second Team All-Pro in 2011

0 NFL Championships
0 NFC Championships
0 NFC West Championships
18-14 season record
6-6 within the division
6-10 on the road
12-4 at home
1 playoff victory
3rd place NFCW finish in 2011
2nd place NFCW finish in 2012
5 Pro Bowlers in 2012 (Tied for #5 in NFC, Tied for #8 Overall)
6 Pro Bowlers in 2013 (#3 in NFC, Tied for #6 Overall)
4 1st Team All-Pro in 2012
1 2nd Team All-Pro in 2011

Head to head
3-1 in San Francisco’s favor

Let's talk domination

/Drops mic

With Carroll's "non-Carroll/Harbaugh era" year

It puts them at 25-23
We would still be at 24-7-1 (24.5-7.5)

Which means with a full extra season, they’re ahead of us by .5 wins and have more than 3x the losses

The point here is that through the short course of the Harbaugh-Carroll era

We have dominated in every meaningful statistic, starting with “Wins” and trickling down through the personal accolades.

Surely, some Seahawks’ fan will come through, see this, and talk about Sherman being a highly ranked corner, or Marshawn getting more yards than Frank, or some other mumbo jumbo about specific tiny little itsy bitsy victory. To you, good sir, I will kindly refer to the scoreboard I have posted above. Beat us in the NFC West, then you can talk. ’Til then, keep up the arbitrary justifications.

Interesting thought - a REAL Fun Fact!

With Carroll’s Seahawks and Harbaugh’s 49ers records the way they are…

The 2013 49ers could go 0-15-1 and have the same 3-year winning percentage as Carroll’s first 3 years with the Seahawks.

Well, I'll be a monkey's uncle....

2010, 2011, 2012 Seahawks Regular Season Combined Record = 25-23
2010, 2012 Seahawks Postseason Combined Record = 2-2
2010, 2011, 2012 Seahawks Overall Combined Record = 27-25

2011, 2012 49ers Regular Season Combined Record – 24-7-1
2011, 2012 49ers Postseason Combined Record = 3-2
2011, 2012 49ers Overall Combined Record = 27-9-1

It look Jim Harbaugh TWO YEARS to have a HIGHER WIN RECORD than what it took Pete Carroll THREE YEARS to win.

This isn't a "Pete Carroll" thing

This is a “Pete Carroll, Head Coach of the Seattle Seahawks” thing.

HUGE DIFFERENCE, anyone who knows anything knows that title can make ALL the difference.

“Lyndon B. Johnson, Texas Senator” and “Lyndon B. Johnson, United States President”


“Strom Thurmond, South Carolina Senator” and “Strom Thurmond, Loving Father”

Is no one else realizing the value of this information

I guarantee some Seahawks kid is just rallying the other kids in the neighborhood, “Hey guys get out of your mothers’ basements, lets go drink heavily and be obese and think of a way to turn the statistics around because some guy on the internet totally just destroyed us”

but but but what about


I am a gracious king, I will allow them to hoist their token victory if it means they can sleep at night

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