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Super Bowl 50 vote: TV schedule, time, rules, voting procedure

The NFL's spring league meeting kicks off on Tuesday. We'll have live updates on Twitter, and posts as new information arrives. The big news will be the awarding of Super Bowl 50 and 51.

Hannah Foslien

As of publishing time, the NFL owners have begun their annual spring meeting at the Hyatt Harborside in Boston, Massachusetts. The primary purpose of the meeting is to vote on host sites for Super Bowl 50 and 51. The league has indicated they will consider other business as well, but nothing specific was mentioned. NFL Network will air a "Super Bowl Selection Show" from 2:00 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. I don't know if any of the announcements will come right near the top of the hour, although I could see it having some build-up first.

I'll actually be on hand for the meeting, although I'd imagine I'll spend much of it in the media workroom waiting for something to happen. The three cities applying for the Super Bowls (SF/Bay Area, Miami/South Florida, Houston) will each provide a 15-minute presentation to the owners. The three sites have all submitted formal bids, so really this is likely just a last-ditch effort to get in some positive vibes. In reality, I have to think most of the owners have already made up their minds.

The owners will first vote between San Francisco and Miami for Super Bowl 50. In the first round of voting, one city must get 75% of the vote, which means 24 owners. I suspect the 49ers will vote for the SF Super Bowl (although I suppose the local team might abstain). The Texans would also be wise to vote for the 49ers, as Houston would seem to have a better shot at beating Miami than San Francisco.

If for some reason one city does not get the 75%, PFT has confirmed that the second round of voting requires only a simple majority, so 17 owners. After a winner is declared, the loser faces off against Houston for the right to host Super Bowl 51.

Since I'll be in Boston for the meeting, I'll be tweeting as things happen. I've embedded the NN Twitter account below, but feel free to start following on Twitter if you are on Twitter and not following. And if you're not on Twitter, I think you're missing out. You may get all your 49ers news here, but there is all sorts of information to be had on Twitter. And since you can pick and choose who you follow, you can narrow it down however you'd like.