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Golden Nuggets: Super Bowl 50 coming our way?

Tuesday, May 21, 2013 edition of the Golden Nuggets, a daily compilation of San Francisco 49ers links from around the Internet.

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Jason O. Watson

I suppose I can find a few minutes to spare away from Paper Mario to get you good folks your Golden Nuggets for the day. You know, it's a lot easier for me to just say "Hey, it's the offseason -- no need to do anything but provide quick links," when it comes to the Nuggets. This is generally what I do, so I can devote plenty of time to other articles -- or in this case: video games (mostly articles, Paper Mario is a new obsession)

That said, I'm going to go back to offering commentary on every iteration of the Nuggets in which I actually have time. Some people have complained in the past, saying that they prefer just links and for those people, here's a tip: it's the red stuff after my block of babble.

Anyway, big stuff going on, as the NFL is changing up the offseason schedule and, of course, the Super Bowl L vote is happening today. Exciting stuff, even if I'll never be able to afford a ticket.

The new running back rule is awful. I said that when it was made and I'm saying it now. It's just awful. The biggest issue, for me, will be the HUGE disparities in how the rule is called from game to game. Yeah, I have a crystal ball. The referees already can't follow the game well enough (too fast) to call a helmet-to-helmet call properly, I think they'll screw this one up, as well. | York: New rule will 'add another element of safety' (Maiocco)

It's crazy just how much the atmosphere changes when there's a Super Bowl coming to the area. I'll probably head to San Francisco just to be around the festivities. But yes, there will be so much of it that many of us won't be able to experience, since the price of everything will go up by about a million percent. | 50th Super Bowl will touch us all (Purdy)

I wish more attention was paid to drug and PED usage in the NFL. I'd love to say that I care about the issue enough to protest by not watching the game, but I'm too weak for that. | Drug suspensions: 49ers and Seahawks on opposite ends of the spectrum since Seattle hired Carroll (BA Sports Guy)

Has stadium rejection doomed Miami's Super Bowl chances? (AP)

When it's all said and done, Andrew Luck will probably have fewer interceptions than Colin Kaepernick, but I still think our man is the better quarterback. | Andrew Luck vs. Colin Kaepernick: Which young QB is superior? (NFL)

The rule is often annoying, but I'm glad the NFL forced rookies to adhere to their school schedules before OTAs. That said, I'm glad that obstacle is now out of the way for Quinton Patton. He's going to be the best rookie the 49ers have seen in awhile: write it down. | Final obstacle out of the way for 49ers rookie WR Patton (Branch)

While I do think that Colin Kaepernick is better than Russell Wilson, the latter's numbers sure were impressive in 2012. Like I've said in the past, I have mad Hater Respect (TM) for that guy. Here's to hoping he collapses in his sophomore season. | Kaepernick vs. the QBs on the 49ers' 2013 schedule (Cohn)

There seems to be a good deal of hype surrounding wide receiver Ricardo Lockette. I'll freely admit I'm pretty ignorant to his talents, I haven't watched much film on him at all. I'm unsure if he's really high potential or if he's just one of those guys Niners Nation tends to latch on to. | Roster hopeful Lockette is learning from Kaepernick (Barrows)

Kaepernick Growing into Leadership Role (NBC Bay Area)

State of the art stadium centerpiece of Bay Area's bid for Super Bowl L (Barrows)

Jones Joins Bay Area Hall of Fame (49ers)

MT: Marcus Lattimore Puts on Jersey (49ers)