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Golden Nuggets: Santa Clara to host Super Bowl L

Wednesday, May 22, 2013 edition of the Golden Nuggets, a daily compilation of 49ers links from around the web.

Jerry Rice is like, hey, Super Bowl...
Jerry Rice is like, hey, Super Bowl...

There is one story from yesterday's news and one story only. Why would I even dream of including anything else? Santa Clara and Levi's Stadium and, by association, the San Francisco 49ers were awarded the coveted Super Bowl L yesterday. It had been rumored for ages. Perennial SB sight Miami failed to meet obligations at the last hurdle and it became almost assured. That doesn't make me any less excited. The only thing that could make me more excited is if they played it in Melbourne. We've got the stadium for it!

How great would it be to win a home Super Bowl. Maybe I'm getting ahead of myself here, but we should be still be contending when that time comes. The possibilities and thrills could be endless ... OK, deep breath. Don't hyperventilate, Aaron. On to the links ....

Super Bowl L Announcements

Seeing as the game will be held in Santa Clara, it only seems fitting to allow the local rag, the Mercury News, get the honor of announcing the big news in Nuggets. Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome Cam Inman. | 50th Super Bowl coming to Bay Area in 2016 (Inman)

Some people have forgotten that in the same announcement, Houston was awarded Super Bowl LI. Thankfully, hasn't forgotten. They did forget that SB 50 won't be held in San Francisco. | San Francisco awarded Super Bowl L, Houston lands LI (

SF 49ers will host 50th Super Bowl in Santa Clara Stadium (Gin)

SB 50 Analysis

BASG talks about what the landing of Super Bowl 50 means for the Bay Area, both Santa Clara and San Francisco. There's some background to how the winning presentation went down as well as an offer to rent out his apartment during the big game. Any takers? | Bay Area lands Super Bowl 50 - what that means for San Francisco and Santa Clara (BASG)

Sando lists the 49ers accomplishments under the new regime. It's a pretty extensive list, including franchise quarterback, amazing GM and hosting a Super Bowl. There's only one thing missing... | Securing Super Bowl latest 49ers triumph (Sando)

Ray Ratto offers a guide for the average fan from outside the area. | Your guide to surviving Super Bowl L in the Bay Area (Ratto)

Tim Kawakami notes that Northern California is handing Southern California their butts to wear as their own hats at team sports. Beat LA. Beat LA! BEAT LA!!! | NorCal pummeling SoCal in collective sporting game (Kawakami)

NFL owners impressed with innovation of Bay Area bid (Maiocco)

Purdy: Landing 50th Super Bowl a team effort (Purdy)

SB 50 Reactions

Jed York details Super Bowl L impact (

People react to Super Bowl L in Santa Clara (NBC)

Willis reacts to Super Bowl announcement (

Other News

Mike Sando discusses the rule changes that will go into effect in 2014 allowing computers to be used by coaching staffs during the game. Probabilities, opponent tendencies and any other number of tables may be available. All thanks to Microsoft. | Big changes coming on NFL game days (Sando)

I read yesterday that the Seahawks could be fined for all of their failed drug tests. I had forgotten that the Lions were fined for all of their arrests one offseason. Peter King also mentioned in MMQB that, with the league forced to remain quiet about suspensions, he doesn't believe all these guys are getting suspended for Adderall. League remains mum, player gets to say what they like. | Carroll: Seahawks suspensions are 'real serious' (Maiocco)

I feel like we haven't had a good A.J. argument in a while. This should really fan the flames of abuse in the comment section. | A.J. Jenkins adding muscle in the weight room, knowledge of game from his peers (Inman)

WHAT!?!?! | The proposed 1983 trade of Joe Montana (49erswebzone)

Quinton Patton rejoins 49ers for OTAs (

Daniels is intriguing, but faces long odds to make 49ers (NBC)

Aldon Smith has 'more plays in me' after 19.5 sack season (Inman)

Carlos Rogers insists he's starting cornerback, expects Nnamdi Asomugha to play 'big role' (Inman)

49ers notes: Caveat for Super Bowl L, pacing Harbaugh, etc... (Maiocco)

Coach start your pace car: Harbaugh will have ceremonial role at Indy 500 (Branch)

Average age rankings for projected starters (Sando)

Being a Sheep

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