Kaep vs Rg3


I live in the DC area and all anyone talks about, for obvious reasons, is what a gravitational force of charisma and athletic ability Griffin is. Every qb ranking list I've read online has Grif ranked higher than Kaepernick. I don't know what numbers/stats they're using to reach that conclusion, ability to sell sandwiches must be one of them, but the numbers don't back it up. It doesn't really bother me that Griffin gets all the hype, I actually prefer it that way,but I did my own research to compare the two to see for myself.

Yards Per Game as a starter:

Kaep: 240.6 (advantage)

Bob: 213

Passing TD’s

Kaep: 1.4 td passes/start (advantage)

Bob: 1.33 td passes/start

Average Yards Per Run:

Kaep: 7.7 (advantage)

Bob: 6.8 (discounting the SEA game)

Fumbles Lost:

Kaep: 7

Bob: 5 (advantage)

Win/Loss as a Starter:

Kaep: 7 wins, 3 losses (advantage)

Bob: 9 wins, 7 losses

Playoff wins:

Kaep: 2 (advantage)

Bob: 0

Level of Competition:

Niners: 7th toughest schedule

Skins: 17th toughest

The Skins beat one playoff team(MIN) with Griffin starting. I don't count the BAL game because they were losing when Griffin left the game. Kaepernick beat more than a couple of juggernauts(NE,GB,ATL) to make the Super Bowl.


Pts per Game: (with Kaep as Starter)

Niners: 28.8

Skins: 26.5(not including playoffs)

Skins: 26 with bob healthy

Clutch Stats:

QB Rating in the 4th Quarter:

Kaep: 121.7

Bob: 86.1

QB Rating on 4th Downs:

Kaep: 144.7

Bob: 128.6

QB Rating passes thrown 21-30 yards:

Kaep: 158.3

Bob: 151.0

Passes thrown 30-40 yards:

Kaep: 79.2

Bob: 39.6

Passes thrown 41+

Kaep: 39.6

Bob: 119.4

"Griffin had the highest completion % of any qb on passes over 20 yards." Helps when he threw the 2nd lowest percentage of his passes over 20 yards. The only starting qb who threw a lower percentage of their passes over 20 yards was Christian Ponder. Kaep's 55.1% Adjusted Accuracy percentage on deep balls was the highest of all quarterbacks in the league.(PFF) Among quarterbacks with at least 30 passes that have traveled 20-plus yards downfield, Kaepernick ranks first with an accuracy percentage of 60.6, according to Pro Football Focus. Second? That would be Rodgers at 53.2.

1. Colin Kaepernick, 49ers
Attempts of 20-plus yards: 33
Completions: 19
Drops: 1
Accuracy percentage: 60.6

5. Robert Griffin III, Redskins
Attempts of 20-plus yards: 36
Completions: 16
Drops: 2
Accuracy percentage: 50.0

Total QBR. Leaders for last season.
1. Peyton Manning, DEN 84.1
2. Tom Brady, NE 77.1
3. Colin Kaepernick, SF 76.8
4. Matt Ryan, ATL 74.5
5. Aaron Rodgers, GB 72.5
6. Robert Griffin iii, WSH 71.4

Despite what the media hype train would lead one to believe, when you look at the numbers it's obvious Kaep had the better season. I don't mind Griffin getting all the attention, since apparently it's getting to his head. On May 4, he retweeted a person who tweeted to him, “You are an awesome human!” It's not so much Griffin I dislike, seems like a good guy overall, but the obnoxious DC media that wax-poetic about Griffin being a beacon of perfection that we should all strive to emulate. Week 12 can't come soon enough!

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