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Michael Crabtree injury: What are 49ers free agency options?

The 49ers will be looking for players to fill the production they will lose with Michael Crabtree's Achilles injury. Will they consider any external options?

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In light of the news that 49ers wide receiver Michael Crabtree has reportedly suffered a torn Achilles, 49ers fans are considered any and all options they can in the hunt for replacements. Personally, I think there are enough internal options to work with, but I realize people automatically think of the external options. And we know Jim Harbaugh and Trent Baalke are big believers in "iron sharpens iron", so I suppose it would not be a surprise to see the 49ers add some external talent.

I got some names thrown at me on Twitter, so I figured I would see what kind of list I could come up with for our perusal. I checked out Pro Football Focus and The Sideline View, and here are some of the oh so glorious options:

Brandon Lloyd
Brandon Stokley
Randy Moss
Devin Aromashodu
Devery Henderson
Steve Breaston
Laurent Robinson
Braylon Edwards

You can click on the links above to see the full lists, but as you can tell, it is not a spectacular bunch. The two names that probably jump out are Lloyd and Moss given their 49ers connections. While I think a guy like Lloyd could be a decent third or fourth option, would you really prefer any of that group over one of the 49ers youngsters? It is possible the 49ers could get nothing out of their existing corps of wide receivers, but I think the upside of the current group is better than what we see on the market.

And before anybody asks, no, the 49ers will not sign Terrell Owens or Chad Johnson or Titus Young. TO is just about finished, and Johnson and Young both have a good chance of ending up in jail. So, no, that is not happening.