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ESPN with the bizarre 49ers wide receivers graphic fail

ESPN dropped some knowledge about the 49ers wide receivers, only they got the information wrong.

ESPN screen grab....whoops
ESPN screen grab....whoops
@RossJacobson on Twitter

I thought I'd close out the day with this random graphic. I follow @awfulannouncing on Twitter, and aside from reporting on anything related to any sort of broadcasting, they retweet interesting things people send along. If you're on Twitter, they are a great follow.

The graphic above was one such screwup today. If you're confused by those numbers, you're not alone. They list Anquan Boldin with 772 games, Michael Crabtree with 260 and Mario Manningham with 202. Those numbers are just a wee bit off. If you divide Boldin's 772 games by 16, you get 48.25 seasons. You could divide 772 by 25 (16 regular season games + four preseason games + four postseason games + one Pro Bowl), and you'd still get 30.88 seasons. I think it might be just a little off.

Maybe I missed something that explains this, but from what I see that's just an ugly graphics fail. Or amazing experience for Boldin.