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49ers Super Bowl Hosting Trivia: Focusing on the Good News of the Week

It's Friday. The 49ers just lost Michael Crabtree to injury. Fun is definitely in order! Here's a link to a trivia-focused post about Santa Clara winning their bid for a future Super Bowl right after the 49ers played in the most-recent one.


Hey everyone.

Michael Crabtree's injury definitely sucks. I don't think it hurts an offense led by consummate tacticians Jim Harbaugh and Greg Roman, but it nevertheless was an unhappy accident to be sure. So, let's instead focus on the positive: Santa Clara was awarded Super Bowl L!

Over at Football Outsiders, I posted an extra point -- that's what we call quick-hitting pieces over there -- looking at how often a team (a la the 2012 49ers) were awarded a future Super Bowl shortly after (or before) playing in the Super Bowl. It turns out that it's incredibly uncommon; and yet the 49ers have been involved frequently -- several times eerily so. For instance, did you know that the Saints won Super Bowl XLIV nine months after being awarded hosting rights to the Super Bowl that San Francisco just lost?

Anyway, if you want to temporarily forget your Crabtree-related sorrows, here's the link: 49ers Win Super Bowl Bid After Playing in One: How Bizarre.