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Why did you choose your NN screen name?

Niners Nation is loaded with unique user names. What's the story behind yours?


It's a pretty dead time right now in the NFL, and with so many people on vacation for Memorial Day weekend, it is particularly so. Given that there isn't much news, it seemed like a good time for everybody to learn a little more about each other. Well, those of you open to sharing I suppose.

Our Tennessee Titans blog, Music City Miracles, had a discussion earlier this week about the stories behind member user names. I actually think we had something similar a few years back in a FanPost or front page post, but I can't quite remember. Either way, it's a fun topic.

So, why did you choose your user name? For me, before using my actual name, I used just Fooch. It's a simple shortening of my last name, and it's something people have called me since high school. I don't tell people to do it, but rather, it just happens.

A lot of people include 49ers in their user name, others include random mentions that are not connected to anything about football. Most have an interesting story behind it. What's your story?