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Nike unveils a Jim Harbaugh t-shirt

The folks at Nike have created a Jim Harbaugh-specific t-shirt. What else do you need?

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Rob Carr

This is just a little bit amazing. If you are looking for a new t-shirt, the folks at Nike have something for you. They have unveiled "Nike Harbaugh". For $28, you too can own this t-shirt:

via Nike Store

We all know Coach Harbaugh loves to rock the khakis and black long sleeve shirt. He mentioned in a Saturday Indy 500 press conference that each year he buys his year's supply of Dickies at Walmart. I suppose he could have been joking, but I don't think that's the case.

Coach Harbaugh was sporting them in advance of his work driving the pace car at the Indy 500, and I have to think he was wearing them during the drive itself. Unfortunately for Jim Harbaugh's racing team, Panther Racing, driver J.R. Hildebrand ran into a wall on lap four, ending his day early.

Feel free to head over to to buy the shirt.