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Niners Nation community interactive map

As we work our way through the offseason, it seems like it could be fun to see where in the world 49ers fans are located. WIth the help of Google Maps, we can begin that project.


Yesterday, we had great success with members providing background information on how they chose their NN username. I thought we'd follow that up with something else community-related. Why not an interactive map of where 49ers fans are located?

Several years ago, I tried to put together an interactive community map to show where people on Niners Nation were located. It was fun, but also time-consuming because I was manually inserting the pins on Google Maps. I wanted to do this again, but given how the site has grown, I figured it would be better to have an option for people to place their own pins.

And so, here it is. I've included the NN logo for my own location, and also the 49ers location in Santa Clara.

View Niners Nation Community Map in a larger map

You can get to the map by clicking here. The instructions are below on how to place yourself on the map:

In case you're wondering how to do this, it's really simple (you have to be logged in to a Google account):

1. Click the link above to access the map.

2. Click the red "edit" button.

3. Click the blue placemark at the top of the map.

4. Mouse over to your location, and click the map.

5. Add your username as the title, and if you wish, a brief description or message.

6. Click OK.

7. Over where the edit button was, click "Save", then click "Done".

That's it - you're now on the map!

Before you head over to add yourself to the map, there are three rules:

1. Do not post any inappropriate images or use any inappropriate words on your placemark. Please stick to using the blue placemark icons provided by Google to mark your spot on the map.

2. Do not add bogus placemarks. We don't need to know where the Loch Ness Monster or Bigfoot are.

3. Do not change anything else on the map.

Failure to follow the first two rules will result in having your placemark deleted, and if deemed necessary you can/will be banned for behaving inappropriately.

We want to be able to include this map in future posts, and have it be a continuously updated graphical representation of our fan base. Please don't ruin the fun for everyone.