The 49ers biggest weakness is not what you think it is.....

After Crabtree went down earlier this week, i thought the 2013-14 season was doomed. The biggest question mark on the team (excluding the secondary) got even bigger. But that got me thinking about what the 49ers biggest weakness of last year was. Its easy to point to the secondary but that was more of a pass rush problem (look at 2011). then i got thinking about why we lost the games and the games we almost lost, and looked at the scores from every game played including the playoffs and noticed that we were outscored in the first quarter 85 to 64 Averaging just 3.2 points. strange for a winning team right? if Harbaugh can eliminate these slow starts i feel it will have way more of an impact on winning games and ultimately the division than having a number one WR.

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