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Golden Nuggets: Jonathan Goodwin restructure has created cap what?

Monday, May 27, 2013 edition of the Golden Nuggets, a daily compilation of 49ers links from around the web.

Dude, where's my cap space?
Dude, where's my cap space?

Sheesh .... I've complained about a lack of news before but this is getting ridiculous. Really not much going on, what with the entire world going overboard during the week with the Michael Crabtree injury and the announcement of Santa Clara hosting Super Bowl L. So with the weekend upon us and no new injuries to write about, it would appear that the writers have taken the weekend off. Fine by me ... I'm running late as you may notice in the timestamp. So, on to the news...

The big mystery right now is what the team will do with the savings from the Jonathan Goodwin contract restructure. They did need a bit of money to finish signing the rookies, but there's a good chunk left over. Are we going after a veteran receiver to help fill the void left by Crabs' injury? Reports have Daniel Kilgore taking first team snaps ... What does it all mean? | Goodwin deal creates $1.85 million in cap space (PFT)

Third day gems: WR Quinton Patton (Rotoworld)

Peter King's MMQB (

I linked to MMQB because there's some Niners stuff on page three. A little bit on Crabtree and a 'lotta bit on Anquan Boldin's fortuitous trade and how it compares to the Percy Harvin deal that Seattle swung.


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