Technical Questions #5 (Offense)

This one is going to be a bit complicated so you may need a pen and paper...(Blame the Wombat since he started the whole Diamond discussion)

Here is the setup:

O-line is the normal 5 guys in a normal look.

2 x WR: AQ wide left (near the hash mark) covering-up Staley/ VD lined up next to Davis on the right

Kaep at Pistol depth

Bruce on Kaep's left/ Frank behind/ And lets say Kendall on his right.

In the 45 seconds before the snap I want VD to move out about 8-10 yards but still on the LOS. I want Q to move IN towards the lineman, but still about 5-8 yards away... I also want Frank to move in FRONT of Kaep and basically take position (but off the LOS) where VD was originally before his movement. (If I knew how to draw this and put it somewhere for people to see... but i don;t know how to do that so sorry)


1> Is all that legal?

2> Is there enough time for all that moving?

3> From the starting point of those players being on the field, what is the most likely personnel put on the field by the defense?

Thanks guys.

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