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Golden Nuggets: Raving about Anquan Boldin; Joe Staley's minor surgery

Wednesday, May 29, 2013 edition of the Golden Nuggets, a daily compilation of 49ers links from around the web.

Its hard to find photos in our pool that aren't of Anquan making a play against us.
Its hard to find photos in our pool that aren't of Anquan making a play against us.
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

We're getting feedback from the OTAs, which is a good thing because I think we were going to implode there for a minute. We were all feeling so confident and on top of the world before the Michael Crabtree injury and then we had to scramble to justify still feeling that way. I get the sense that we still feel that way. Yeah...I do.

Everyone seems to be talking about Anquan Boldin and how good he's looking. I like it. He was instantly promoted to No. 1 receiver and we all assumed there'd be a drop off in production as a result. If he can get close to 1,000 yards and haul in 8 TDs or so, all while being a key third down weapon, then we'll be in great shape.

It was also announced that Joe Staley had a minor procedure on his knee. The 49ers wall of silence kept it hidden from us. The cats out of the bag and he is expected to be fully ready for training camp.

There's a fair amount of links, so I'll get you right to them...

Boldin Links

We'll let the official team mouthpiece tell you just how good Boldin was. He out-leaped Patrick Willis for a long reception. There are other assorted notes as well. | Boldin steps up at OTAs (

Matt Barrows has his notes on practice. It includes the required raving about Boldin. But, wait...there's more! With the Boldin raving, you also get a ditty about the 49ers swing tackle situation and a list of people who tried their hand at punt returning duties... for no extra charge! | 49ers OTA notebook: Boldin's big afternoon (Barrows)

Grant Cohn notes that both Chad Hall and Ricardo Lockette looked good, while Colin Kaepernick seemed to have his issues. He didn't throw the ball to Vernon Davis once. Yikes. | Boldin is sharp, Kaepernick is not (Cohn)

Anquan Boldin relates to Crabtree's injury, draws inspiration for 49ers (Gin)

Boldin: 'Coach said it's an open competition on the other side' (Inman)

Other OTA Notes

BASG went to the OTAs yesterday. Did you? I didn't...I'm in Australia. He's got photos to prove it, in case you don't believe him. Kendall Hunter and Kyle Williams are back, which is great to see, and Lawrence Okoye's pretty big. | Photos and observations from 49ers OTAs (BASG)

Tim Kawakami brings you the transcript from Jim Harbaugh's conversation with reporters at the OTAs. He had a big weekend, in case you didn't hear. | Jim Harbaugh at 49ers OTA: On Boldin's play-making, the WR mix, and driving the Indy 500 pace car (Kawakami)

Here's a bit on Harbaugh with some footage from his interview about the WR position. What will he reveal? | Harbaugh gets 49ers up to speed (Maiocco)

Nnamdi Asomugha at OTAs (

Few starters sill absent as OTAs resume; Frank Gore, Joe Staley do individual conditioning (Inman)

Vernon Davis raves about Kaepernick (

Other News

Matt Barrows discusses what we all know. There is a massive whole on the opposite side of the field from Mr Boldin and we have no idea who will fill it. Coach Harbaugh loves competition. He's got it. | 49ers Week 1 receivers: Anquan Boldin and (fill in the blank) (Barrows)

Another aspect of the Crabtree injury that has been under-discussed (if that's possible) is the onus it places on Colin Kaepernick. Last year Kaepernick seemed to be looking for Crabs at all times. Who could blame him when the defenses were incapable of stopping it. It will be up to Kaep to spread the ball around and make this work. | Without Crabtree, spotlight on Kaepernick (Maiocco)

LaMichael James has added 10 lbs (4.5 kg, for you foreign types) and we're going to hope it's muscle. I've added about 4 lbs since my wife became pregnant. It's helping my explosiveness as well. He's hoping to take over the return duties. I'd love that to work out. I just want the ball in his hands. | James works on explosive play (

Are the 49ers set up for a setback season? (49erswebzone)

Larry Grant: I never knowingly took a PED (PFT)

Draft moves to May, rest of 2014 offseason schedule is status quo (Inman)

Knee surgery for Joe Staley (Maiocco)

49ers trying to fill Crabtree's shoes (

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