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Jim Harbaugh: Frank Gore "working through a little something"

Jim Harbaugh talked a little Frank Gore following the 49ers return to OTAs this week.


The 49ers got back into OTAs yesterday, and running back Frank Gore spent the day doing individual work. When asked about Gore, Jim Harbaugh gave his usually "working through something" response. It's safe to say Coach Harbaugh is already in midseason form in his responses to the media:

We haven't seen him out here practicing. We see him doing individual work. Is he working through stuff on his own off to the side?

"Yeah, he's working through a little something."

Nothing too serious?


Lingering from 2012?

"Just working through something. Nothing too serious."

Gore joined Joe Staley in the individual work. Staley had his knee scoped earlier this offseason, but is expected to be 100% when training camp gets going. Neither appears to be a significant injury, but is more about taking the time needed to get ready for training camp.

At this point there is no need to rush things. Kyle Williams is a good example of that. He could very well get some work in at OTAs, but training camp is when things kick into high gear. There is no point in risking an aggravation of his knee injury at this point. The risk will be there in training camp, but there will be more healing time between now and then.

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