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Optimism in the Offseason

We are just riding those post-Draft feelings...

Al Bello

Capturing the tone of the offseason is a difficult task - particularly because the offseason is so variable. Its tone shifts from tense ("The 49ers are on the clock!") to hilarious ("The Bills are on the clock") to feelings of ennui ("It's the middle of the offseason and NOTHING is happening").

But right now, we are in my favorite part of the offseason: the post-draft optimism stage. We have all these new players! They are going to be on the team, and for all I care, they are all going to be Hall of Fame players. And that's why we are so optimistic. I can look up scouting reports of all the rookies, especially those taken during days one and two of the draft, and conjecture Pro Bowl careers. The upsides are all so tantalizing; the downsides are all so trivial.

This season seems particularly worthy of optimism, because Trent Baalke basically looked at his scouts and shouted, "all the high ceiling players!" The type of players we drafted this year all have question marks, but these question marks are countered by oodles and oodles of potential. Go up and down the list (again, especially for day one and two guys). Each player just feels like the type of player that is a "but if" player. Which is to say: well he has had intense knee surgery, but if he can get over that, he is going to be a star.

So, I wonder, who has got an optimism bee in your bonnet? Who is the guy you think is most likely to just burst forth and embrace his potential. I really hope it's Eric Reid, because if he doesn't step up like a competent safety, then our secondary is going to forget how to secondary. It's going to be bad.

In my book, though, I think Marcus Lattimore feels like the most optimistic-style rookie. He can be so so so so good. But knee injuries are scary things...

Who is it for you? Tank? Our new Adonis? Our favorite premature ticket buyer?